A first contact through mail is okey,
but I don´t let anyone adopt a kitten/cat from me
without personal contact!
This is something obvious for me!

  We have kittens!!!  


11 days 6 weeks 8 weeks 13 weeks

Kittens/cats are thoroughly devormed,  ordinary vaccinated (2 times),
 chipmarkt, veterinary inspected and have pedigree from Sverak (FiFe).
They are ready to move at the earliest from 12 weeks of age.

Explanation to status
1) Reservation = Some intrest are shown, but nothing is decided.
Booked = Downpayment is done.
3) Sold = Kitten/cat are fully payed.


Anette Nygård
Bye 771
860 35 Söråker
Cellphone: 0046 70 2950748


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